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Creative, innovative, consumer-oriented, durable, environmentally friendly, affordable, high-quality. What happens when you add all of those great features together? You get KORES.

Kores' History

KORES made its name in high-quality school and office supplies way back in 1887. 

Regular consumer analyses and needs are combined at the company’s own development office and implemented based on feasibility studies. 

Numerous patents and certifications held by the company speak for themselves. Over the years, the KORES Group has developed into a global company and today is a leading family-owned enterprise selling school and office supplies.

Kores' Values

The quality and use of the products cater to the most diverse consumer needs and wishes. Of course, we always aim for the easiest use and highest possible effectiveness.

Sustainability, combined with a strong environmental protection policy, are features that give consumers peace of mind when using KORES products.

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