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LINK2GO – this brand creates connections. In six categories organised by theme, you will find the 100 current best-selling cables, adapters and converters, all in top quality and at very attractive prices.

Take a look at the LINK2GO range. 


The USB cable continues to provide the most stable connection, even in these times of wireless connection options. The assortment includes connection, extension and charging cables as well as practical adapters, hubs and a card reader. Thanks to the large viewing window, clear descriptions and the large length symbol, customers will quickly find the right product at their point of sale. 


Short and sweet: in the audio cables area, we offer you the four most commonly used Connections.


Lots of different connections have come on the market in the video area in recent years: VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, HDMI mini, and lots more. LINK2GO offers you all the important connection cables and adapters so that your customers are sure to be well-connected now and in the future.


Power supply for mobile devices: You’re on the safe side with LINK2GO AC adapters! The products are not only practical and attractively priced - they also come in extremely high-quality packaging.


Our basic assortment in network cables offers three cable types in up to eight different lengths. The category 6 cables have double shielding with aluminium mesh and aluminium foil for the highest transmission rates.


Cables with additional benefits? With LINK2GO converters, you can connect USB interfaces with SATA or RS232. The products come with everything you need for seamless use.

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